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Mosquito Infestations In Lake Mary Can Be Really Hard To Deal With

July 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

Does your property have a high number of mosquitoes? Has it gotten so bad that you don’t go outside for fear of getting bitten? If so, you are in the right place. We are mosquito control experts. From DIY exclusion to year-round prevention, our team has everything you need to avoid annoying bites. For immediate service for mosquitoes, check out our contact page. We would be happy to talk you through your options and schedule a visit for your Lake Mary property. For more information about mosquitoes in Lake Mary, keep reading.

What Causes Mosquito Infestations?

Mosquitoes are everywhere. In Lake Mary, there are a few different kinds of mosquitoes that cause trouble for property owners. The question is: what draws these pests to properties in the first place? In truth, mosquitoes exist wherever they can get an easy blood meal, which is pretty much everywhere. The one thing that limits mosquito populations is accessible breeding grounds. Where and how do mosquitoes breed? Mosquitoes lay their eggs inside stagnant pools of water. These eggs take roughly five days to hatch and require the water to remain relatively undisturbed the entire time. Places mosquitoes might lay their eggs on your property include clogged gutters, ornate pools, birdbaths, and puddles of rainwater. 

What Are Ways I Can Prevent A Mosquito Infestation?

There are many ways to avoid a mosquito infestation on your property. Some methods involve professional abatement strategies, others involve things you can do yourself. To start, here are some natural prevention strategies you should use around your yard.

  1. Repair damage to your gutters and have them cleaned once a year.
  2. Pour out rainwater that collects around your property.
  3. Remove clutter and debris that might allow water to pool.
  4. Change the water in ornate pools and birdbaths once every four days.
  5. Install fans around covered outdoor lounging areas.

Although eliminating sources of water build-up helps to reduce mosquito populations, it is by no means a perfect strategy to fully get rid of mosquitoes. To do this you need to partner with the pest control professionals at Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions.

What Are The Health Risks Of Mosquito Infestations?

You have probably heard about how dangerous mosquitoes are in third-world countries. These small bugs are considered to be the most dangerous creatures worldwide and are responsible for over a million deaths each year. The question is, are mosquitoes dangerous in Lake Mary? Truthfully, mosquitoes are not as dangerous in the states as they are in other areas around the globe. This is for a few reasons. First, the diseases mosquitoes spread like malaria and West Nile virus are not as rampant in the U.S. Second, if an individual does get sick with a mosquito-borne disease, treatments are available. Finally, in the States, we have access to high-quality mosquito control plans. By investing in one of these plans for your Lake Mary property, you will greatly reduce your chances of being bitten and getting sick. 

How Can I Get These Mosquitoes Away From My Property?

The absolute best way to control mosquitoes in Lake Mary is to hire the experts at Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions. Our team of licensed technicians has the advanced tools and treatments needed to effectively control mosquito breeding grounds and eliminate landing zones around your yard. We also offer a range of other high-end options for pest control in Lake Mary. Regardless of what pests you are dealing with in and around your home, we have your solution here.

Call today to discover more about our mosquito control and schedule a visit for your Lake Mary yard.

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