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The Most Effective Ant Control For Lake Mary Homes

January 30, 2022 - Ants

Have you ever wondered, "Where do ants come from?" Sometimes it seems like magic when you find these pests crawling around inside your home. We assure you, these pests do not have any mystical powers. They find their way indoors through gaps and cracks and leave pheromone trails behind to get back out and lead others to food and moisture indoors. Today we will be talking about the problems these pests cause and how to get rid of ants in your Lake Mary home. Here is what you need to know.

The Life Cycle Of Common Ants

Ants are interesting creatures in that different species live for drastically different amounts of time. How long do ants live on average? They live anywhere from four months to a couple dozen years. Despite this big difference, what really affects this number is where ants live. If ants live in optimal conditions with plenty of food and moisture sources nearby, they can survive much longer. If they live outdoors in harsh environments, their lifespan drops by quite a bit. One way ants extend their lives is by building near or inside area homes, giving them access to more safety and sustenance and allowing colonies to survive longer and grow quicker. It also means more problems for you.

The Many Different Problems Ants Can Cause In Homes

Most species of ants are not considered dangerous or destructive. These pests are mostly a nuisance and cause trouble by invading homes and contaminating food sources. There are, however, a few species in our area that cause more trouble than being a nuisance. Pharaoh ants spread harmful bacteria that they pick up from things like raw meat. Carpenter ants are destructive with how they build their nests into the structural wood of homes. We even have one ant species in our area that both bites and stings; they are called fire ants. Despite all this, the good news is that you do not have to tolerate ants in or around your Lake Mary home. You can eliminate and keep these pests away with the right knowledge or contacts.

Six Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips 

If ants are not currently living inside your Lake Mary home, now is your time to put in place some naturally effective prevention tips to keep them out. Here are six tips and tricks our experts recommend you start with:

  1. Use some silicone caulk to fill holes, gaps, and cracks in your exterior foundation.
  2. Ensure all exterior windows and doors have door sweeps, screens, and weatherstripping.
  3. Eliminate sources of moisture buildup in and around your home.
  4. Repair damage to your pipes and fixtures.
  5. Do your best to keep your living areas clean and address food messes and drink spills as soon as they occur.
  6. Store all your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside airtight glass, plastic, or metal containers.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants & Keep Them Out

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to get rid of pests in Lake Mary, you need professional pest control. At Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions, we offer our community comprehensive ant control solutions to help them identify, eliminate, and prevent ants. If you are curious to know what our pest and lawn care services in Lake Mary might look like for your home or want to get a quote, we will be happy to discuss these details with you today.

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