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Lawn & Shrub Care In Lake Mary, FL And Surrounding Areas

Take Back Your Lake Mary Lawn

Is your grass starting to look a little tired out? Are your bushes and flowering shrubs getting covered in mysterious white powder? Have mosquito bites begun to get out of hand? For all these reasons and many more, you deserve the help of Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions.

By providing Lake Mary residents with lawn, shrub, and mosquito care and landscape maintenance programs on a year-round basis, we help our friends and neighbors take back control of their homes and businesses. We're fast on our feet, affordably priced, and really good at what we do. In fact, there's never been a yard we couldn't handle — and that's the truth!

Learn More About Our Lake Mary Lawn & Yard Services

Lawn Care Programs

Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions is your go-to business for all things lawn. We can help bring back the luster and vitality of your Florida grass with just a few simple treatments, working to provide holistic management services for any concern your lawn is facing.

  • We use a combination of lawn fertilization, lawn insect control, and weed control to help your lawn reach its full potential.
  • We harness the power of both liquid and granular fertilizers for effective weed control, targeting pesky broadleaf and sedge weeds.
  • Need additional pest control? We provide fire ant, flea, and tick control at no extra cost.
  • We inspect for and control all damaging lawn insects and include all in the price!
  • We will remove any fertilizer debris from concrete surfaces after our initial treatment.
  • Our team is 100% state certified in the best lawn management practices.

Get your follow-up and service call at no extra charge. Book a lawn care appointment with Hawk Home & Pest Solutions.

Shrub Care Programs

Offered six times per year, the Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions' Shrub Care Program is trusted by hundreds of homeowners in the Lake Mary area. Not only will your shrubs be inspected and treated for insects and diseases, but we will apply fertilizers that help them reach maximum vitality.

  • We will fertilize shrubs both during the growing season and while in bloom.
  • We will apply professional insecticides that prevent and control insect activity near your shrubs.
  • We will apply seasonal granular fertilizer according to the time of year.

Call the shrub care professionals at Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions for an estimate right away.

Mosquito Care Programs

Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions offers a seasonal mosquito program from April through October. Our trained technicians target mosquitoes at their core, applying solutions exactly where they live and breed.

Here's how we protect Lake Mary lawns from excessive mosquito activity.

  • Our technicians treat high-risk areas that include dense vegetation, the underside of decks, and damp or moist areas.
  • We make recommendations for ways to manage stagnant water areas and breeding sites, especially during the hottest parts of the year.
  • Our team will provide a monthly mosquito treatment plan that focuses on reducing the mosquito population around your home and business.
  • We use a wide variety of treatments to protect your home, ranging from traditional applications to integrated pest management ideologies.

If your home or business traditionally experiences high levels of mosquito activity, this program is for you. Get in touch with Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions to book your first appointment.

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No matter how big your Lake Mary Lawn is, get it protected in all the ways that count. Contact Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions via phone, email, or contact form to get a quote for Lake Mary home pest control or commercial pest control services that fit your needs best. We are available to answer your questions or comments at any time.

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