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Specialty Programs In Lake Mary, FL And Surrounding Areas

Everything Lake Mary Locals Need To Maintain Their Florida Properties

Floridians want to ensure that their property is a safe, clean, and welcoming place for everyone — no matter what. At Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions, we understand that some services homeowners need fall off the beaten path. Newly constructed homes need to be cleaned before the move-in date. Windows and interior appliances must be regularly washed, inspected, and protected. More importantly, homes should be defended against local pest invaders such as termites on a regular basis.

Instead of looking for helpful services in multiple locations, choose to rely on a single company with all your needs in mind. At Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions, we provide high-quality specialty services at affordable prices. Providing some additional specialty services, we have become a one-stop shop for Lake Mary home pest control and lawn care solutions.

Termite Programs In Lake Mary, FL And Surrounding Areas

It's no secret that termites can crumble the very structure of a home, chewing through wooden beams, furniture, and (metaphorically speaking) your wallet. To combat this, Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions offers a termite treatment program that protects against Florida's most serious household invaders. Our inspection and prevention services keep households safe, healthy, and protected for up to a year, alongside a 365-day pest-free guarantee.

  • Our technicians will carefully evaluate the home for signs of termite activity, using a combination of professional tools, professional knowledge, and client-provided information.
  • Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions will provide a retreatment guarantee with every yearly inspection. If any active termites are found around your property on your next visit, trust that our professionals will take care of them at no additional charge.
  • When a new slab is poured for the construction of a building, Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions will treat the adjacent area as an additional precaution against termite activity.

Contact Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions today to learn more about our specialty termite programs.

Cleaning Programs In Lake Mary, FL And Surrounding Areas

Entering your property should lead to a feeling of comfort and relaxation, not sickness or disgust. If you find yourself running out of time to clean, maintain, or otherwise care for your household property, let the team behind Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions step in to help.

All of our cleaning programs offer a customized schedule and state-of-the-art tools that make your property happy, healthy, and totally germ-free. Our staff is fully insured and OSHA compliant.

Here are some perks our cleaning service have to offer:

  • Our recurring cleaning services involve cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming the home.
  • Our move-out cleaning services prepare any vacant property for new clients or owners.
  • Our new construction cleaning services wipe away dust, dirt, and grime that may still be present.
  • Our window and indoor appliance cleaning services keep your household fresh and clean.

Each of our cleaning services comes with a fully itemized invoice, proving we always do what we say we'll do. Call us today to inquire about a cleaning service at your earliest convenience.

Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions Is Standing By To Help!

Your home deserves more than a haphazard service, especially when it comes to cleaning, window installation, and regular termite control. Rather than trusting a faceless corporate body or an untrained professional, choose to rely on a home company in Lake Mary that truly does it all. The residential and commercial pest professionals at Hawkeye Home & Pest Solutions are excited to serve you and your family in all the ways that count.

Get more information about each of our specialized services by getting in touch online, over the phone, or through a contact form. Please leave a brief message with your contact information, and we will be with you shortly.

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